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About Us

Founded in 2019,Seducei is a fast-growing adult products company. It is committed to providing innovative sex products while maintaining consistency in quality,affordability and user experience.Seducei has gained a global reputation for its popular adult toys as well as a constantly updated product line.

The Seducei team interacts with adult product experiencers from all over the world every day. Therefore, it always knows what real users need.This is Seducei's secref to staying ahead and innovating in the sex industry. Seducei's mission is to innovate sex for couples,lovers,couples,friends around the world Passion techniques for improving and inspiring love

Please reach out to us if you'd like to discuss anything or chat
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SEDUCEI is composed of 4 designers and 10 production teams,and the suppliers come from professional production factories for adult products
Love,The Seducei team xoxo

Our past, present and future

Our company name is Chibi Yizhoujuan Trading Co., Ltd. Sex toys are what every adult needs, it can bring a fresh experience to our adult sex, we need to face it, just like children need their own toys. Seducei represents the revolution, we decided to fight for the sexual pleasure and health and well-being of everyone. 3 years ago, our founder started his business with only 3 computers, 3 desks and 3 people in his study. Among them, Tony, as one of the founders, has a lifelong commitment to striving for the happiness of mankind. At present, the cooperative brand Meese At the same time, Meese currently has a factory with its headquarters. The factory has about 100 workers, 30 product designers, and the other 70 people are responsible for photography, procurement, finance, etc. Today, we have a team of 200 (and growing) employees delivering orders from China directly to your door. In the future, we will continue to strive for our vision and build a world-leading sexual happiness and health industry group.


Chibi Yizhoujuan Trading Co., Ltd.
No. D-3296, No. 170, Hebei Avenue, Chimagang, Chibi City, Xianning City, Hubei Province

Telephone:+86 18501775811



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Adam‘s’Box - 7 Days of daily Fantasy

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