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Rabbit Vibrators

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What is a Rabbit Vibrator

Before asking what is a rabbit vibrator we first want to ask ourselves, do we know what a vibrator is? Many might say, "Yeah, of course, it's a sex toy that vibrates. I use them all the time." but vibrators are much more than just a sex enhancement toy.

What is a Vibrator?

A vibrator is an adult sex enhancement toy that stimulates your different sweet spots using touch and vibrating as essential features. But what vibrator also is, is a sex knowledge explorer and an educator.

Vibrators were first made using wood. The only feature it has is a length that is long and wide enough to touch the inner side of our vagina, giving a G-spot stimulation feeling. But with advanced technology and hard-working designers, vibrators' development has reached another level with stimulating functions such as vibrating, sucking, and licking that were never introduced before.

What is a Rabbit vibrator?

The rabbit vibrator was born in the early 2020s, which made a trending wave in the industry and on social media. Its fascinating boom was due to its unique design that could perform clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation, and all kinds of vibration patterns that message you until a blended orgasm.

MAX internal stimulation. Rabbit vibrators have powerful vibrations, and most carry different vibration modes that could give you both the external stimulation you desire and the internal stimulation you request.

The New Star - Rabbit Vibrato. Although they might sound the same and spell similarly, rabbit vibrato is the new queen of the collection. What's the difference? The head and the science. Rabbit vibrato is named this because of its smooth and rounded head rather than a dildo-looking tip. The head design was specially made because many users have requested a more gentle G-spot stimulation rather than intense.

How do rabbit vibrators work

As we mentioned earlier, the rabbit design is to satisfy the unique multifunctional request that these models carry and to do so. Designers added bunny ears and body-safe silicone to shift intense orgasms to a comfort-focused zone. We also asked for better battery life and vibration settings that increase the likelihood of these toys lasting longer for your long-lasting fun.

Sexual Pleasure - turn on your vibration and set it to your comfort level, test it on your skin before use and slowly move the vibrator to your secret garden. Make sure you don't go too deep or too fast. Take your time and follow your flow.

Rabbit vibe - after you tested the water, now you can go for full command, turn the rabbit bunny ears on and move from a single spot to multiple stimulations. Don't worry if it gets messy. Most of these editions have waterproof designs that can't wait for you to get dirty. Check your position and spot that you are having fun with, feel the tension, and find your climax.

How to use a Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are designed for vaginal penetration and can be used by women who cannot achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. They are usually made from silicone or jelly rubber material and come in various sizes and shapes. Some models even have multiple heads so that you can choose between two different types of stimulation.

Rabbit vibrators can be used during masturbation, foreplay, and oral sex. The simple three steps of using a rabbit vibrator are down below:

1. Clean your hands and the vibrator. If you have water-based lubes, use them. Turn down the lights, put on some soft music that turns you on, and start the show.

2. Once you feel reasonable to move on to the next level, start putting the vibrator in your vagina while the "bunny ears" face upward near your clitoral. Move your toys slowly near your sweet spots and feel the stimulation. If it's at the right spot, close your eyes and enjoy.

3. Finally, the final climax. Most of us can only orgasm if we have reached the climax level, and this is the time you go for that peak. Once you feel like you are about to cum, you can go deeper for intense Pleasure, or you can go quickly for a fascinating penetrative stimulation

Seducei Recommends - The best of the best Rabbit vibrato

Because of its unique design, rabbit vibrators can focus on two different sensitive areas at the same time with their two individual vibrating parts. With a spinning and vibrating gear implemented, they are specially designed for clitoral stimulation. Connected with the two "rabbit ears," the rabbit vibrators can also provide additional excites to your clitoral surrounding areas. Remember an episode of "Sex and the City" where Samantha loves it so much that she refuses to leave her bedroom? That brought rabbit vibrators into the spotlight of became a legend. Since then, rabbit vibrators have been among the top 3 favorite female vibrators worldwide.


One unique and significant difference between rabbit vibrato and traditional vibrators would be the special gear designed for the rabbit vibrato. Classic vibrators can only vibrate in one frequency and direction. The climax level of your enjoyment is flat. Rabbit vibrato gives you a sense of depth using their "ears" as supporting simulators. This feature provides different levels of touch to the various hot spots you enjoy, including your G-spot, anal, and clitoris areas, where traditional vibrators are brutal to satisfy at once. Don't these seem good enough for a try?


There are many blogs and articles around the internet talking about the best rabbit vibrato on the market, but our best rabbit vibrato list focuses on what fits your need the most, not the product but the player. Your experience matters the most. We picked the three most essential aspects before selecting the best rabbit vibrato for yourself.

The first aspect is always the size, which is not as simple as following the "the bigger, the better" rule. Before picking your thrusting rabbit vibrato, you need to know what size is most comfortable for your enjoyment. We recommend starting small. If there is a size you have in mind (from your past romantic experiences), pick a size smaller and try it out. If it works fine, increase the size accordingly. You can also choose different-sized rabbit vibrato "ears" according to your body size and pick the one that best serves you.

Secondly, pick the functions and features of your rabbit vibrato. All rabbit vibrato includes exciting parts such as spinning and vibrating, but because of their world-renowned reputation, rabbit vibrato has evolved into many formations for players to pick from. One famous edition is the thrusting rabbit vibrato collection. This collection adds more features and power to the already outstanding features typical rabbit vibrators carry.

Lastly, consider other rabbit-designed sex toys extended from the original rabbit vibrato. We also included these rabbit sex toys in our best rabbit vibrato list - Introducing The thrusting rabbit vibrato and rabbit dildos. In addition, the thrusting rabbit vibrato adds bead rubbing and anal fun ability, making it a 3-in-1 vibrator. The rabbit dildo collection combines the best of two worlds, the rabbit vibrato, and classic dildo toys, giving dildo lovers the perfect level-up product. Rabbit dildos also carry different functionalities and features. It's another line of excitement, but here we just want to introduce its essential benefits and new player-friendly and wide sizing varieties.


You already went through the three aspects of picking the right rabbit vibrator or rabbit dildo; it comes to the most critical part of the journey, how to have fun with it. First of all, the materials most rabbit vibrators are made of come with waterproof ability, so whether you get it wet or it gets you wet situation. Please take it to the showers, your bathtub, swimming pool, the beach, where ever there's water; there's fun.

Secondly, start slow, turn the vibrator on, and put it on your nose; feel the amplitude, the frequency. If you good, let's get to the bottom of this. Touch around your sensitive areas but not too focused. Let your body get used to the feeling and let your mind get into the zone, relax and breathe. Finally, move the rabbit vibrator to your most sensitive spot, your G-spot, your clitoris, your breast, anywhere you like, and enjoy the journey.

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