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Anal Toys

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What Is An Anal Toy?

Anal toys are designed to simulate intercourse without actually having vaginal contact. Men and women commonly use them, although some prefer one gender over another. Anal toys can vary greatly in size, shape, color, and material composition, but most are cylindrical and made of plastic, silicone, glass, or metal. Some even include vibrating functions.

Most anal toys are designed to fit inside the anus, while others are meant to be inserted into the rectum. Both types can be used externally or internally. There are many kinds of anal stimulation devices, including dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, and anal lubes.

Why Use Anal Sex Toys?

Anal sex toys are for everybody. There are plenty of toys designed specifically for anal play, whether you're interested in trying it for the first time or adding another fun experience to your sexual repertoire.

Whether you're a size queen, a beginner who wants something small and simple, or someone who likes things bigger, there's a toy out there for you. Anal toys such as butt plugs can be a low-pressure way to explore this part of your body without worrying about hurting anyone else.

They're also a great way to bridge the gap between partners who are comfortable enough with each other to do certain things together but who aren't quite sure how far they'd like to go.

You might also want the sensation but be a little shy about allowing a partner to touch you there. This could lead to a lot of discomforts or even pain. With anal toys, you can take control of your pleasure and find out exactly what works best for you.

How to figure out what works for you and what doesn't

We're here to help you figure out what works for you and doesn't. There are plenty of options, but trying to find the perfect fit for your needs can be confusing. We've done some research to help you narrow down the choices.

The first step is to understand how your body responds to stimulation. This includes knowing your limits and preferences. You'll want to know whether you like clitoral stimulation, oral sex, anal play, etc., and what feels good to you. If you don't already, start tracking your orgasms and paying attention to how your body reacts to different types of touch.

Next, you'll want to consider your lifestyle. Are you single, married, straight, bi, lesbian, kinky, submissive, dominant, etc.? How much do you masturbate? Do you prefer solo or partner activities? What type of activities turns you on? Is there someone specific you'd like to try having sex with?

Once you've answered these questions, it's time to think about what you like. Some people enjoy watching porn, while others prefer to use real partners. Some people love roleplaying, whereas others just want to fuck. Knowing yourself will help you pick the type of toy that matches your desires.

Finally, you need to consider the price. Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, and prices vary widely. To make things easier, we've broken down the cost of the toys we recommend into three categories: inexpensive, mid-range, and premium.

If you fall within one of these categories, you can skip to the section where we explain each product. Otherwise, read on for more information on what to look for in a sex toy.

How To Use Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex toys are designed to stimulate the rectum and prostate gland. They come in many shapes and sizes, including long, thin, curved, tapered, and thick. They also come with models, such as anal beads, butt plugs, anal vibrators, and all others. Some people prefer anal stimulation over vaginal because it provides deeper penetration. For those who want to try anal sex toys, here are some tips for using them safely and effectively.

  1. Always cleanse yourself well before inserting anything into your anus. Make sure you wash thoroughly under the rim of your ass with soap and warm water. Wash your hands too. Wipe down any surfaces where you might touch your genitals.

  2. Don't just insert something into your anus without lubrication. Lube helps prevent friction burns and makes insertion easier. Start off with a few drops of water-based lubricant applied to your fingers. Then apply a little more to the tip of your finger and rub it around inside your anus.

  3. Next, gently push the lubricated fingertip against the opening of your anus. Slide the lubricated fingertip up and down along the walls of your anus. When you're ready, insert one finger at a time into your anus. Once you've inserted all three fingers, slide each one out again and repeat the process.

  4. Keep in mind that the shape of your anus varies from person to person. Your anus might feel tighter than usual or stretch open a bit. Experiment with how much pressure feels good.

  5. Try experimenting with different positions. Most people find themselves most comfortable lying while having anal sex. However, you can experiment with other positions, such as sitting on the edge of the bed, standing next to the wall, kneeling, or even leaning forward.

  6. Take your time. Enjoy every moment of anal sex. Be patient, and don't rush things. Pace yourselves. Slow and steady wins the race.

  7. Practice safe anal sex. Talk to your partner about safer sex practices, such as practicing safe oral sex techniques. Condoms are best for preventing sexually transmitted infections, but there are also condoms specially designed for anal sex. These are usually sold separately from regular condoms.

Always Use Lube

A good rule of thumb is always to keep some lubricant handy during sex. There are plenty of options, whether it’s a natural oil like coconut or olive oil or something synthetic like Astroglide or K-Y Jelly. But what about those times when you don’t have access to lube? Or maybe you just prefer to go without? If so, here are three reasons you might want to skip the lube altogether.

  1. Your Vagina Is Self Lubricating

The vagina naturally secretes fluids called mucus, which helps protect against infections. This secretion increases during sexual arousal. In fact, according to research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women produce up to 20 milliliters of fluid per hour during intercourse. So, even if you're not having sex, your body produces a small amount of fluid daily. And since most people ejaculate around 60 to 80 milliliters of semen each week, that adds up quickly.

  1. Anal Sex Can Be Painful Without Lube

Anal sex isn't exactly pleasurable for everyone. Some people find it painful, and others enjoy it immensely. However, it can still hurt regardless of how much pleasure you derive from anal play. Because the anus lacks blood vessels, it relies on friction to provide stimulation. As a result, it requires extra attention to avoid tearing. A lack of lubrication makes it harder to achieve friction, leading to discomfort and pain.

  1. You Might Not Need Lube During Oral Sex

When you perform oral sex, saliva plays a major role in lubrication. Saliva contains proteins, enzymes, and electrolytes that work together to ensure everything goes smoothly. However, if you experience dry mouth due to medication, stress, or illness, you may not be able to produce adequate amounts of saliva.

How to clean anal toys.

While the last thing you want post-orgasm to do is clean your toys, you really are very important if you want to avoid bacteria building up on your product and, consequently, getting potential infections from them. There are several ways to clean your toys, including boiling, soaking, washing, and drying.

For toys made of silicone, boil them for five minutes in hot water. Afterward, use a soft cloth to gently wipe off excess oil. If you don't want to boil your toys, soak them in soapy, warm tap water for 10 minutes. Then, rinse thoroughly under running water and let air dry.

If you've got toys made of glass or metal, simply wash them in hot, soapy water. You'll probably need to scrub them down with a toothbrush to get into those hard-to-reach places. Rinse well, and allow to air dry.

And finally, for toys that have motors and/ or batteries, just wash them in hot, sudsy water. Let them sit for 30 minutes, then drain and pat dry. Don't forget to put a new lube cap on your toy before storing it away.

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